AD Rundle Middle School is a CLOSED campus.  All visitors MUST have prior permission from our Administrative Team to be on school grounds.  Temporary Visitor's Passes will be granted on a case-by-case basis and will be for specific dates and times only.  

Visitors with prior permission are listed on our “Pre-Approved Visitor’s List”  and are required to wear an ADR "Visitor's Badge".  Please sign-in and pick-up a “Visitor’s Badge” from our school office.

If you do not have prior permission and are not listed on our “Pre-Approved Visitor’s List”, you will be required to leave the school grounds.

To obtain pre-approval for a visitor’s pass, please apply using web form below.  YOU MUST ARRANGE A STAFF SPONSOR PRIOR TO MAKING A VISITORS PASS REQUEST. Thank you.

Do not arrive on-site until you have APPROVAL from the Admin Team.

First & Last Name
Please describe the reason for your visit. Please note: Visitors will only be permitteed during school hours if assisting a staff member with a specific project.
You must have prior approval from a staff member at ADR to use them as a Staff Sponsor. You must have a Staff Sponsor for your visit and you must be working on a specific project with that staff member in order to be on ADR school grounds.

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