Every year, Canada Revenue Agency reviews Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) claims and often requests additional information from claiming parents/guardians to verify proof of residence and custody.  A number of other governmental agencies may request this information from parents throughout the year for various reasons as well. 

If a government agency has requested custody and proof of address information from you, please complete the form below to request a Student Verification of Information and allow five (5) business days for processing. Walk-in and telephone requests can not be processed. Please call the school office at 604.792.4257 to ensure your letter is ready before pick-up. Thank you!



As a courtesy, we are happy to provide a Student Verification of Information Letter on behalf of the custodial parent/guardian of record for current AD Rundle students. Please note, we are able to verify the current information in our database only, and do not provide verification for your child's previous school(s).



Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPPA) regulations prevent us from storing any information on former students. When a student withdraws or graduates from AD Rundle, ALL student records are forwarded to the next enrolling school. We do not keep records for past students on site.  



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